After Week One of Library School

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This week marks the official beginning of my graduate school career.  I had my 701 “Fundamentals of Library & Information Science” class twice this week.  So far, we’ve only covered the history of libraries, a topic I find very interesting.  Unfortunately, the professor (and presumably most library students) are bored by illuminated manuscripts and the rise of literacy, so the professor just read aloud from her notes from the text.  On the bright side, I’ve been reading The Library, a new volume that includes a written history of libraries (albeit written without subtle sophistication I’d expect from an academic work), coupled with beautiful photographs of the written word through the ages.

Anyway, I was assigned my first project in class: an annotated bibliography.  Sadly, I made it through a rigorous undergraduate program without ever having done intense research, a skill that will be of utmost importance in my library career.   So, I’ll be learning so much about research as I complete this project and continue in my classwork.  The professor introduced us to two databases last night: Academic Search Complete (formerly Academic Search Premier, which I’ve used before) and Library Literature & Information Science Full Text.  In class, she also had us create accounts on RefWorks, a bibliography-building tool that allows importation of references from other databases.  So far, the research aspect of this 701 class seems very useful to my needs for assignments.

Oh, and back to the topic I’ve chosen for the assignment: how graphic novels can be used by libraries to promote children’s literacy and engagement in reading.  I found a handful of electronic journal articles and brick-and-mortar books in the Queens College library.  I hope to begin really delving into these on Saturday, because I like to let out my wild side on the weekends.

What is your opinion of graphic novels? Have you read any?  What are your favorites? (I’ve only read the adaptation of Twilight and hybrid graphic novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.).  Please share your thoughts – thanks

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6 responses to “After Week One of Library School

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  2. It seems like you had a great first week 😀 Whoohoo!!

    I haven’t read many graphic novels yet. I have read The Invention of Hugo Cabret and the Bone series. I’ve heard great things about Persepolis and Maus 😀 I’d love to hear more about your topic as your continue your research!

    Happy Independence Day!!

  3. Thanks, Esther! I have read Hugo, Twilight, and I got Amulet from the library and I hope to read it soon. Also, I got Maus from the library, but I don’t think it’s a graphic novel for kids. Thanks for the input! One of my coworkers recommended Bone, too, so it’s on my mental list. Thanks again!

  4. No problem ;D Oh, one of my girls had Book 1 of the Amulet series and I enjoyed it! We were waiting for the 2nd one but I guess we both forgot about it ;D

  5. I’m reading the Scott Pilgrim series. They’re a lot of fun with tons of references — some of them I get and some of them (esp the video game references) I don’t get. A friend of mine suggested these to me:

    From Hell – Alan Moore
    Runaways VOL I, Pride of Baghdad – Brian K Vaughn (or anything else by him)

    I’ll be applying to library schools next year and stumbled onto your blog =)

  6. Christine Pennacchio

    Thanks for the recommendations! My friend mentioned Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” to me yesterday; apparently he’s a very prominent writer. Thanks again! Good luck on library school!

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