Bruno and Occupational Awareness for Kids

Bruno is a very busy beaver: he dabbles in carpentry, baking, and tailoring.  In this delightful series of picture books, author Lars Klinting introduces children to the basic tools and ideas of different skilled trades.

In Bruno the Carpenter, Bruno spends an afternoon in his workshop, using all of his hand tools to build a new wooden toolbox.

In Bruno the Tailor, he decides he needs a new apron, and goes about preparing the fabric and sewing together the pieces to make a sturdy apron.

In Bruno the Baker, his little friend Felix helps him to bake a special birthday cake, exploring all the techniques and ingredients in the kitchen.

All of these delightful books explain the creative process for children, and include illustrations of the action as well as pages highlighting the objects that are introduced.  At the end of each book is an explanation for the grown-ups (complete with wood measurements, fabric pattern, and cake recipe, respectively),  so that

they can guide the child through the activity.  I highly recommend these books for parents to introduce their children not only to fun hobbies, but to the possibility of a future career in the skilled trades.

Additionally, Lars Klinting authored at least two books about a similar character named Handy Harvey: Harvey the Painter and Harvey the Gardener.   I haven’t read them yet, but they look promising.

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4 responses to “Bruno and Occupational Awareness for Kids

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! This looks like a very cute series!

  2. Christine Pennacchio

    Yes, it’s adorable, and practical, too.

  3. My son and I loved reading Bruno the Carpenter. We even made the toolbox using the plans in the back of the book.

    I took a picture of my son holding the toolbox in one hand and the book in the other. I would love to send the picture to some of Lars’ surviving family members. Does anyone know an email address I can send it to?

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