Animals Going to School – Picture Books

For this first week back to school, here are two picture books about reluctant four-legged school-goers:

Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton
It’s Splat’s first day at school, and he’ll use any excuse not to go.  His mother finally drags him through the door, and he begins to enjoy himself.  The artwork in Splat the Cat is excellent, featuring the realistically-furry leading kitty in this humorous picture book.

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
Chester Raccoon doesn’t want to leave behind his mother, his toys, his books, and his fellow forest friends and go to school.  He’d rather stay home and live like he always has.  But his mother knows a wise old secret, that he can take her love with him wherever he goes.  This picture book features tender illustrations of a teary eyed Chester and is very heartwarming.
What other animals-go-back-to-school books can you recommend? I’m sure there are tons out there.  Thanks!


3 responses to “Animals Going to School – Picture Books

  1. Oh my, that kitty is adorable! I will be looking for that book on my next trip to the library ;D

  2. Today I noticed as I came into work at the library, children were just leaving a “Splat the Cat” program. They made fuzzy pencil-toppers starring Splat. So adorable!

  3. Ahk! I would love a Splat the Cat pencil-topper!

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