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I graduated with my MLS/School Media Specialist degree from CUNY Queens College on May 31st, 2012! I’m so excited to be through with all the demands of taking classes and writing my thesis. A few days later, I was happy to see my grades come through the registrar, and I did very well, if I may so so myself.

I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things on the blogosphere once I get settled in my post-grad-school life.

Now, I’m looking for a school librarian/media specialist position or a youth services position in a public library. ¬†Tell me if you hear anything ūüėČ


A Rant on Intellectual Freedom

Once upon a time….

I was in a ____ literature course, and a particular day was focused on [fictional books on a controversial topic, one in which I differ in personal opinion from most of the vocal members of the library profession].  We discussed our reflections on the reading choices as a class.  Although I cringed at hearing some of the storylines, I would, of course, support the inclusion of these titles  in a collection, pending age-/review-/balance-/budget-appropriateness.

My gut was very uncomfortable with this discussion, not only with the vision of some of these books (which were contrary to my own worldview, but I’m used to that), but largely with the fact that most of the library profession seems to think that it is the only way to see the world, and that other points of view are [adjective describing unacceptability]. ¬†Sadly, the professor and fellow students seem to perpetuate the notion that a character or theme of a book must agree with their set of values, especially within this controversial topic.

This smells awfully similar to the 180-degree opposite intolerant mindset that the same people complain about.  Woe.  The best I can do is stick to my beliefs in my personal life (a luxury which in some fields is being eroded), defend intellectual freedom, and make sure that my future library welcomes all points of view, not just the ones in vogue.

For more information about Intellectual Freedom, check out ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom and the Library Bill of Rights.

Busy Busy Busy

Oh my! It’s been awhile since I last posted. ¬†I’m sorry! ¬†My summer class on children’s literature, along with the move to my new apartment, has kept me safely away from blogging for too long.

The fall semester just started, and I’m settling in nicely to my new place. ¬†This semester, I’m taking three courses: ¬†management of school library media centers, ¬†resources for the school curriculum, and young adult literature (this one with a particularly prominent player in the field).

Even though I’ve just begun the semester, I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of teen reads of note recently:

-The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins was phenomenal.
The Midnight Palace by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, author of my beloved Shadow of the Wind, was alright but largely disappointing.
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, one of the new classics I somehow missed during adolescence.
Monster¬†by Walter Dean Myers is shaping up to be the first audio book I’ve really enjoyed. ¬†Most other audio books I’ve felt forced to finish, scarcely desiring to change the CD in my car. ¬†This one, however, is most engaging.

For the YA Lit course, every week is dedicated to a different genre, and I get to choose the trade books I want to read from a list of a half dozen or so for each genre. ¬†I like being able to choose what I like, especially in some genres that may have pronounced variation within them. ¬†I plan to write miniature book talks for each, in order to remember what I liked best about them. ¬†More to come soon….

Quiero ser…

I want to be…a librarian!

For my MLS technology course, I was assigned to compose a paragraph briefly explaining my professional goals, for my ePortfolio.  Did I hit all the points, folks?

I’m eager to begin my career as a librarian and I am building a full repertoire of skills and experience that will enrich my professional practice.  I expect to earn my MLS by 2012, with a School Media Specialist certification, but I’m open to working in a public or school library setting.  My undergraduate specialization was in education and I have many teaching experiences, so I already know how much I enjoy helping children and teens to make the most of the resources available to them and to appreciate the importance of the written word.  As I predict my professional life as a librarian, I see myself working on the front lines of a reference desk or information literacy classroom every day and interacting with different people.  I will learn from my patrons as much as they learn from me, and I will be thankful every day for the blessing of getting to help people in a vocation I love.

PS – Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long.¬† I get way too caught up with school, work, and life, and I’ve strayed too far from my home[page].¬† I’ll be posting more often, and hopefully include some reviews of recent reads.

Update – MLS/Library Media Specialist

So, over the last month, I’ve decided to pursue the Library Media Specialist (school librarian) track for my Master of Library Science program. ¬†I’m excited about this because it will widen my possible job outlook greatly – I’ll be qualified not only for public and academic librarianship, but for public school librarianship as well. ¬†Yay!

Recently, the Queens College GSLIS added a new program to allow non-certified teachers to obtain the Library Media Specialist certification. ¬†So, I began doing some research into feasibility, and I realized that actually, I’d be able to complete the LMS coursework.¬†¬†Moreover, I’m able to do it through the classic program, provided I obtain my initial NYS teaching certificate before doing my student teaching. ¬†Of course,¬†I’ll be taking very particular courses, many of which will include school observation and teaching hours.

So, in coming months, I’ll be tackling the NYS teacher certification tests, including two covering teaching basics and one covering Physics. ¬†Yes, Physics. ¬†My undergraduate major was Physics Teaching. ¬†Although I completed my degree with honors and taught high school science and Physics after graduating, I am quite rusty in this discipline. ¬†I’ve borrowed some study books for this exam, and I have about a month to prepare. ¬†Wish me good luck!

Done and done! [with my first MLS class]

Three exams…check.
Class presentation…check.
Final paper…check.
[insert happy dance]

I’ve finished my summer course, and it feels good to have my first MLS class under my belt. Depending on how the 3rd exam grade goes, I should have earned somewhere in the A-vicinity in this course [yay!!].

I got back comments for my final paper (topic=graphic novels and literacy), and they were a bit unnerving. Although I was satisfied with the grade, I was a bit unsettled by what the professor had a problem with. It seems that I had too many citations in each paragraph.  Perhaps it just got tedious to read.

Regardless, I’ll be posting most of my assignments on my online portfolio here. ¬†Now, all that has been posted is my powerpoint presentation. ¬†I hope to post my final paper and my annotated bibliography ¬†in the coming week, so if you’re interested in graphic novels, check again in a few days.

I have about two weeks of relaxation and pleasure reading before the fall semester begins. ¬†Then, I’ll be taking two courses for my MLS, which should work out to be as much of a workload as one summer course [I hope]. ¬†Enjoy the summer break, all you QCers out there!

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No Flying, No Tights

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Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile from my little blog – but I do keep up with my google reader, at least. ¬†I’ve been busy with my first annotated bibliography for my Fundamentals of Library Science summer course, and I’ve let my meager writing fall by the wayside.

My topic of research is graphic novels, and how they can be used in libraries to support literacy.  If you know of any cool websites, please write a comment about it; it would be most welcomed.

A librarian coworker highly recommended this awesome site called No Flying, No Tights, which includes great recommendations of graphic novels, based on age and genre. ¬†I’ve explored it only a little, but so far, it looks like a great readers’ advisory (and personal reading) tool. ¬†Tell me what you think.