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Up and Running Again

This evening, I finally took the time to investigate the bowels of my EEE PC netbook again.  After finding out that my old files were password protected and giving up on salvaging my old files, I decided to put my computer back together again.

…and to my suprise, it actually booted up again!  Lo and behold, I was able to sign into my user profile and copy a few of the non-backed-up files.  Then, with a shudder, I reinstalled the Windows OS (using function keys wheee!) and started my netbook from scratch.

I just finished transferring over most of my backed-up files, although the music folder is still a work-in-progress, as I’m whittling away at the poorly-organized copied iTunes folder before I move it back to y netbook.

I’m so happy to be up and running again.  Back to the blogs for me!


Computer Crash

On Monday night, my poor baby EEE PC Netbook suffered a crash!  I’ve had it since May of 2009, and it’s served me very well.  I bought it for a very reasonable price (around $350) and it was portable enough to use everywhere from college libraries to European train cars.

Recently, it’s been  heating more and more, and on Monday, it automatically shut down.  I don’t know what caused this crash, as I was only using one window of Google Chrome, with only a few tabs of not-too-demanding websites.  Hmmmm.  Anyway, now I’m only able to get to the DOS boot screen.  Tech Support was helpful (Asus is a great little company that has real people behind the phone system), and gave me the keystrokes I’ll need to reinstall windows from the boot screen (as I don’t have an optical disc drive).

However, not all of my files have been backed up.  The last update I did onto my external drive was a couple of months ago, and my latest photos and files aren’t neatly backed up.  I’d have to salvage them from Facebook or get unedited photos that are still on my camera.  Anyway, I’m going to see if I can use my budding computer-know-how to take out the hard drive and, using an adapter, move my files onto my desktop.  The techie guy at Staples told me what I need to buy: some sort of an adapter to connect my hard drive to an external computer.  Of course, I’ll look for help from the guys at Radio Shack (or, at worst, Best Buy) where I’ll buy the adapter as to how I actually do all of this.  Wish me good luck!  And if you can give me any words of advice or instruction, please do.  Thanks!

There’s No Such Thing as a Stupid Question – Or Is There? (via Swiss Army Librarian)

On today’s Swiss Army Librarian post, public library reference librarian Brian Herzog pokes fun at some nonsensical or unsympathetic questions posed by patrons.  Below are some of the responses he would have liked to have offered, but did not, because he is a professional.  This post is a gentle jab at those annoying queries at the library:

“I enjoy being a librarian, and working with the public. But it can be challenging, and sometimes you just need to vent.  No matter what people ask me, I make sure the words that come out of my mouth are helpful and positive – however, those aren’t always the first words that spring to mind…here are some answers I have not given to questions patrons have asked me. You’ve heard of FAQs – now here are some ALUs (”answers left unsaid”):
Patron: The book isn’t on the shelf, on a cart, or behind the desk – where else could it be?
Answer: In someone else’s home.

Patron: This computer is loading slowly – should I just sit here and wait?
Answer: You could stand.

Patron: All the bathrooms are in use, where else can I go?
Answer: There are bushes outside.

[five computers in a row rebooted while a particular patron was using them because she keeps pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL, after I showed her that CTRL-ALT-DEL reboots computers]
Patron: I’m sure it’s not something I’m doing.
Answer: Hmm, then maybe they just sense danger.

Patron: The computer said the book I want is “Checked out.” Does that mean it’s checked out?
Answer: No, that’s just our way of deterring patrons who aren’t pushy enough.

Patron: The museum pass I want is already reserved for the day I want to go – can you cancel that person and give it to me?
Answer: Actually, you don’t need the pass at all – just go to the museum and they’ll let you in free if you tell them the secret code; it’s “I need to plan ahead.”

[patron on the phone]
Patron: Can you speak up, why are you speaking so softly?
Answer: Because I’m in a library.

[patron brings in a broken playaway, and I offer to request one from another library or to show him where the book is on the shelf]
Patron: You think I want to *read* this book?
Answer: You’re right, that might be asking too much.

Sigh, I hate speaking ill of people who come into the library and ask for help, but I’m sure we’ve all been there. The good news is that questions like the above are few and far between (but they’ll never be few and far between enough).”

Here’s my “answer left unsaid”:

[Patrons are given 30 minute sessions at the computer terminals.  They get a 10 minute warning that pops up, telling them to ask the librarian to put more time on their session, provided no one else is waiting to use the terminal.  Recently, two patrons came up to me after their time expired]
Can I have more time on my computer?
Answer: Sure, just go ahead and follow the warning – 10 minutes ago.

Does anybody else have a personal anecdote to share?  Please do…

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