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Done and done! [with my first MLS class]

Three exams…check.
Class presentation…check.
Final paper…check.
[insert happy dance]

I’ve finished my summer course, and it feels good to have my first MLS class under my belt. Depending on how the 3rd exam grade goes, I should have earned somewhere in the A-vicinity in this course [yay!!].

I got back comments for my final paper (topic=graphic novels and literacy), and they were a bit unnerving. Although I was satisfied with the grade, I was a bit unsettled by what the professor had a problem with. It seems that I had too many citations in each paragraph.  Perhaps it just got tedious to read.

Regardless, I’ll be posting most of my assignments on my online portfolio here.  Now, all that has been posted is my powerpoint presentation.  I hope to post my final paper and my annotated bibliography  in the coming week, so if you’re interested in graphic novels, check again in a few days.

I have about two weeks of relaxation and pleasure reading before the fall semester begins.  Then, I’ll be taking two courses for my MLS, which should work out to be as much of a workload as one summer course [I hope].  Enjoy the summer break, all you QCers out there!

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